Cp bullshit

Hey this is my final post and i think club penguin is shit ive grown up ages ago so cya guys and don’t bother coming on this site again (btw i’ve grown out of club penguin ages ago) i’m 13 and i dont have time to waste my life in on this site its crap (expect for funny pics there alright). I will not be making another site ever again to do with cp cya guys and sorry for the bad langage spam all u want ūüėČ



should i quit my site?

hey guys, well this might be it…since my site hasent been getting many hits lately and i havent¬†had the time to update do u think i should quit my site? comment yes or no to dercide my fate. so until then…waddle on


new play,pin and book

hey guys, today on cp theres a new play about eygpt i think also the is a pyramid pin there and the new book is rockhopper’s journal.well Gary¬†is using fireworks¬†to alert rockhopper,the new pin is at thebook room¬†and i have¬†some pics bellow take a look:¬†







well thats all ive got today so until then…waddle on!


New catalouge ,news and migrator is back!

hey guys, today at club penguin the migrator is back! also we have a new catalouge and news. I have all the pics bellow but first this might be a long post so im gonna be putting wat I think under the pictures for the catalouge. Also you cant get in the migrator its covered with dirt and sea weed so take a look bellow:


well now for the catalouges!

I give the catalouge 4/5 also the migrator is getting fixed and I think Gary will try and use fireworks to aleart rockhopper and when he comes we’ll probally will be able to go in his cabin!. Well thats all ive got today so until then…waddle on! =P

p.s how i got the pics this big is when you upload its says medium thubnail and large click on medium and it will come up like these.



April fools day party

Hey guys, today the april fools day party has started. So the free item is at the ski village it is the red propeller cap. The other free item is the swirley glasses at the cove and the pin is at the mine shack but to get it u have to join up the dots to get the pin. Well i have the pics bellow take a look:

april-fools-day-cove.jpg          april-fools-day-dock.jpg         april-fools-day-forest.jpg

april-fools-day-ice-burg.jpg          april-fools-day-lounge.jpg         april-fools-day-party-attic.jpg

april-fools-day-party-beach.jpg          april-fools-day-party-becon.jpg         april-fools-day-party-boiler-room.jpg

april-fools-day-party-book-room.jpg          april-fools-day-party-coffie-shop.jpg         april-fools-day-party-disco.jpg

april-fools-day-party-dock.jpg          april-fools-day-party-forts.jpg         april-fools-day-party-lighthouse.jpg

april-fools-day-party-pin.jpg         april-fools-day-party-plaza.jpg         april-fools-day-party-ski-lodge.jpg

april-fools-day-party-ski-village.jpg         april-fools-day-party-thinbarrier.jpg         april-fools-day-party-town.jpg

april-fools-day-pet-shop.jpg         april-fools-day-pizza-palor.jpg        

Well thats wats happining in clubpenguin so dont forget to click on the pic to see them in full size. Also on the clubpenguin test server if you go on¬†it you turn into a green puffle! and when u wear cloths it looks really weird. Well thats all ive got today so until then… …waddle on!


Thank you purple pirate

Hey guys, I would just like to say THANK YOU  purple pirate for making me my new header. I give it a massive 10/10. So if u like it comment on a rating out of 10 ok.

Easter event and apologize

Hey everyone,  today ill like to say sorry for the people who are fans of my site because i never updated yesterday. Dont worry im not quiting my site it was just my cousens bday yesterday and I will try to update when ever i can. Well at cp the easter hunt has started, so for the people that are struggling look at this.p.s the gift is a green bunny hood.

easter-hunt-party.jpg          easter-party-2.jpg

first one is at the mine.            The second one is at the dock.

easter-party-3.jpg                                      easter-party-4.jpg 

the third one is at the pet shop.      The fourth one is at the book room

easter-party-egg-5.jpg                              easter-party-6.jpg

the fithed one is at the gift shop.     the sixth one it is outside the theater

easter-party-7.jpg                                  easter-party-8.jpg

the seventh one is at the lodge attic.   And the last one is at the dojo.                                                                   

Well thats all ive got today so until then waddle on!



1. Please do not swear if you do put this on it f*** ok. 2. Please comment about what you think about my site how I can improve it and if I done a good job. 3. If you say anything bad about me your comment will get deleted and if you do it again i will block you. 4. If your a fan dont be shy to ask me too add you to your blogroll I will, just ask. 5. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT ask me where I live OR anyone who comments. 6. Please do not copy from me,the only people are allowed are: Purple pirate,tylerhere,Orient70,Dudemaster1995 and blingkid but if you copy my wrightin you mustsay I wrote it or I will report you. 7. Listen to my rules too stay safe ok.


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